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Embryo Donation

At IVF Australia we can assist people who need donated embryos to fulfill their dream of having a baby.

Embryo Donors is an online community of people that are actively considering embryo donation. It has been designed to help facilitate connections between potential recipients and donors in a secure, private space.

For some people, using donated eggs, sperm or embryos gives them their only chance to have a baby. IVF Australia provides a comprehensive and supportive donor program to assist hetero-sexual couples, same-sex couples and single women to grow their family.

Our extensive experience in the donor field of fertility treatment prompted us to establish a safe environment for potential donors and recipients to meet and in essence speed up the matching process to enable treatment to begin more quickly.

Embryo donation can occur between a donor and recipient known to each other, or facilitated by IVF Australia to recipients who do not personally know the donor. Everyone who is considering donating will undergo a process of medical assessments, infectious and genetic screening and compulsory counselling to explore the emotional and legal implications of embryo donation.

Embryo donation is an altruistic gift which means you cannot be paid but the recipient should meet all expenses incurred in making the donation.

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How does IVFAustralia Donor Program work?

In order to access Embryo / Egg Donors as either a donor or recipient you must be registered with IVF Australia’s donor program.  

You can register to become a member of this community below and you will need to have completed an initial consultation with a specialist and completed counseling before being granted access to match with a donor / recipient.

We provide recipients with the opportunity to join the Embryo Donor community and upload a personal profile to ask for help creating their family. Donors can browse recipients and make an offer directly to a couple or individual through the private messaging function or make a silent offer through our donor team. All information exchanged is non-identifying unless the individuals choose otherwise.

Once the recipient accepts an offer of embryos and both parties have agreed to proceed you can contact our donor team to begin the embryo donation process.

I am considering using donated embryos

You may be considering using donated embryos if other fertility treatments have been unsuccessful and you have received medical advice that donor embryos may give you a better chance of success than using donor eggs or sperm.

If you are looking for an embryo donation you can register below or to find out more about our embryos donation program please contact our donor team on 1800 111 483 or [email protected].

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I am considering donating my frozen embryos

People who have completed their families through IVF and have additional embryos in storage will often consider embryo donation as an option. You might be considering donating your embryos because you believe it is ethically preferable to donate rather than dispose of embryos or you feel compassionate towards other couples struggling with infertility.

Please note we can also facilitate the donation process with embryos that weren’t created at IVF Australia. We cannot accept embryos created from donated eggs or sperm.

If you would like to donate your embryos please register below or to find out more about embryo donation please contact our donor team on 1800 111 483 or [email protected]

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